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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some of the most common questions about SNAP Hydroponics.

What is hydroponics?#

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in mineral nutrient solutions in water and without soil.

What is SNAP Hydroponics?#

SNAP Hydroponics is a safe, easy to use, and low-cost hydroponics system that is designed for household and small-scale commercial vegetable production. “SNAP” stands for “simple nutrient addtion program.”

What is SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics?#

SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics is a hydroponic nutrient solution. It is commonly used in SNAP Hydroponics and can be used in other types of hydroponic systems.

SNAP nutrients are developed and manufactured in the Institute of Plant Breeding. They come in a set of 500mL PET bottles labeled “SNAP A” and “SNAP B.” SNAP A is white and slightly cloudy and SNAP B is clear and yellowish.

SNAP A is white and cloudy and SNAP B is clear and yellowish.

The color of SNAP A has recently changed due to production changes. The official statement from IPB confirms.

Where can I buy SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics?#

They are available in the National Seed Foundation and SNAP Authorized Resellers. Due to its popularity other hydroponic nutrient solutions are being referred to and sold as “SNAP.” To make sure you are buying authentic SNAP nutrient solution, buy them only from SNAP Authorized Resellers or from National Seed Foundation.

Where can I buy seeds and cocopeat?#

You can buy them from your local garden or agri-vet centers. They are also available in the gardening sections of hardware stores. They can occassionaly be found in bookstores and groceries.

Where can I buy styrofoam boxes?#

You can buy them from fruit vendors that sell imported grapes. You can find more information about styroboxes here.

What can I do with the spent solution left in the grow box after I harvest my crops?#

You can use them to water your regular potted plants. They still contain trace amounts of nutrients that can fertilize your potted plants.

What does SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics A and B contain?#

Please see the materials safety data sheet (MSDS) for SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics A and B.

What do the dates on the SNAP bottles indicate?#

Those are the date of manufacture of the SNAP solution or the batch date.

Do SNAP nutrients expire?#

As long as they are tightly capped and stored in a cool and dry place they last indefinitely.


For other questions please contact IPB-UPLB via their official Facebook Page.