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Getting Started

Important Reminders#

It is important to remember that a suitable location for the SNAP Hydroponics system is one of the most important factor to consider when growing plants using SNAP Hydroponics.

A suitable location for the SNAP Hydroponics setup has the following characteristics:

  • receives sufficient sunlight and/or artificial lighting

  • is protected from rain


  • a fully enclosed greenhouse in a sunny location (most ideal)

  • an area that is covered by a transparent roof in a sunny location (ideal)

  • an east facing area that receives early morning sunlight and is covered by an awning (acceptable)

Suitable SNAP Hydroponics growing location.

Sunlight is required in order for plants to grow. Direct early morning sunlight up until noon is ideal.

Rain protection is important because a successful hydroponic grow requires a stable nutrient solution. Rain seeping into the nutrient solution can dilute it or even replace it.

For total beginners, it is strongly recommended to start with lettuce. Lettuce grows well in SNAP Hydroponics. It commands a higher price. And it attracts relatively fewer pests.

Buy Legitimate SNAP Nutrients#

SNAP nutrients has attracted a number of imitations claiming to be “SNAP nutrients.” While most of these products are legitimate hydroponic nutrients based on Hoagland’s solution they don’t have the high buffering capacity that SNAP nutrients have. Users are being misled into believing that the nutrients, like SNAP, “just works” without having to monitor or adjust the pH producing undesirable results.


Buy SNAP nutrients only from SNAP Authorized Resellers from the National Seed Foundation to ensure that you are purchasing genuine SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics.