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About Styroboxes

Information about styrofoam boxes used in making grow boxes for SNAP Hydroponics.

Styrofoam boxes that are used to make grow boxes comes in different sizes. The size recommended for use in SNAP Hydroponics measures 20"✕16"✕6". Styrofoam boxes of these sizes are used to transport imported grapes from the United States and usually come from two manufacturers: Styrotek LLC and Aptco. LLC. They also come in different designs which means that one has to remember that although their sizes are similar their upper and lower halves does not fit with the upper and lower halves of other designs.

There is also a seasonal influx of styrofoam boxes for imported grapes. They are typically abundant during the months of September to February because these are the months that the Philippine market imports them for the holiday season. Their availability peaks during late December and early January. So much so that they litter the streets in some places. These are the times to try to find and collect them. Outside of these months they are typically harder to find.

These styrofoam boxes can be arranged so that they fit a 1m✕1.2m area. This is the size of a standard transport pallet. This arrangement can be utilized to maximize the growing capacity of an area.

Compact arrangement of styroboxes.