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SNAP Hydroponics Training

Information about the hydroponics training seminar by IPB-UPLB.


Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic all trainings in IPB-UPLB are suspended until further notice.

The UPLB Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB-UPLB) offers a short training course titled “Training on Hydroponics Vegetable Production with Emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics.” Participants who have completed this short training course are awarded a certificate of completion.


Theoretical and practical aspects of hydroponics with emphasis on setting-up and running a SNAP hydroponics system; identification of different nutrient deficiency and toxicity symptoms; basic concepts in plant nutrition relevant to hydroponics vegetable production; includes starter kit: nutrient solution, established seedlings, and styrofoam box and cups.


The short training course on SNAP Hydroponics are conducted regularly every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. However, the schedule may change depending on the availability of the resource speakers. The training takes a whole day and typically starts at 9:00AM and ends at 5:00PM. The training is held in IPB-UPLB.

Course Fee#

The course fee is ₱2,000. Inclusive of training materials and snacks.

Sign Up#

To sign up select “Hydroponics Vegetable Production with Emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics” on the online registration form.